What is a Ticksheet?

A Ticksheet is used to canvass legislators for their position prior to a vote in an effort to determine the likely outcome.

Our Ticksheets are designed to be accessed by multiple users through our unique "Sharing" mechanism whereby the sheet owner can share the sheet with other registered users of MyCapitolWatchdog.com. Once a sheet has been shared, any user can update the position of a legislator and record any pertinent comments on a per-legislator basis.

The other authorized users of the Ticksheet are able to see the updates from others in real-time, allowing a greater degree of collaboration without the traditional use of a physical sheet of paper. Only users authorized by the Ticksheet owner are able to see this information.

The ability to create and share Ticksheets requires a Ticksheet subscription, which can be added to your account through our Purchase page.

There is no purchase requirement for someone to use a Ticksheet shared with them by another user. The second sheet user simply needs to register an account with us. The shared Ticksheet will then show up in their list on the Ticksheets page.

For more information on how to use a ticksheet, please see How to Use a Ticksheet.