How do I Use's Electronic Ticksheets?

The Ticksheet detail page, shown in the first figure to the right, will show everything you need to know about the status of a particular ticksheet.

The sheet title and the summary of current positions is shown at the top, followed by the list of users with access to the sheet.

In the "Legislators" section, each legislator associated with the sheet is listed with a set of potential positions. To record a position for a legislator, tap or click the appropriate position button underneath his or her name.

The Ticksheet Comment screen will display, allowing the user to record any pertinent comments associated with the individual legislator. Once you've entered any necessary comments, or left the field empty, tap or click "Save" to save your information to the ticksheet. You may also tap or click "Cancel" to avoid making any changes.

Once you have saved your changes, the position button you selected will be highlighted, indicating that to be the legislator's position. You may change a given legislator's position at any time by repeating the above process.

As comments and positions are saved by the ticksheet users, all other authorized users will immediately see these changes.