How do I track a bill?

Tracking a bill means adding a bill to a new or existing channel. When a bill is added to a channel, it allows you to receive notifications when the bill's status changes.

The only way to add a bill to a channel is through the Bill Options page, shown in the second figure to the right. However, the bill options page is accessible anywhere you see a bill on the site, be it search results, the channel editor or on a meeting agenda.

The most common method of tracking a bill is to find the bill you want to track on the Bill Search page. When you click or tap on the bill from the search results list, you will be brought to the Bill Options page. The Bill Options page contains a "Channels" section listing your existing channels as well as a button to Create a New Channel.

To add the bill to an existing channel, simply tap or click on the button for the desired channel. That channel's button will now be highlighted, indicating the bill has been successfully added. To add the bill to a new channel, tap or click on the "Create New Channel" button. This will initiate the process of creating a new channel. Once your new channel is created, the bill will be automatically added.

If the bill is already being tracked and you would like to remove the bill from a channel, click or tap on the button for the highlighted channel. The channel's button will no longer be highlighted, indicating the bill was successfully removed from the channel.