How do I modify a Ticksheet?

You can modify a Ticksheet in the ticksheet editor page, which can be reached in two different ways. You are automatically brought to the ticksheet editor page after initially creating a ticksheet. You can also use the ticksheet editor by tapping or clicking the "Edit" button for a ticksheet on the ticksheet list page.

In the ticksheet editor, you are able to change the name of the ticksheet given during the creation of the sheet. You may also specify a position for the ticksheet to more easily compare your position to those of the legislators.

Sharing With Other Users

If you are the ticksheet owner, you can use the "Invites" section of the ticksheet editor to share your ticksheet with other users. To do so, enter the e-mail address of the person you'd like to have access to your ticksheet. If the person is an already registered user of, their name will display as having been invited. If they are not a registered user, their email address will display as having been invited.

Once a user accepts your invitation to use your ticksheet, their name will display in the "Users" section of both the ticksheet and the ticksheet editor. Should you want to revoke access to your sheet for a specific user, simply tap or click the "X" button next to that user's name. They will immediately have their access to view or use your ticksheet removed.

Adding or Removing Legislators

Finally, the "Legislators" section lists the individual legislators associated with your ticksheet. If you chose a Chamber or Committee during the creation process, then a set of legislators was automatically added to your ticksheet for you. To add another legislator to your ticksheet, please choose his or her name from the "Add Legislator" dropdown list and tap or click "Add". The selected legislator should now display in the list of legislators on your ticksheet.

To remove a legislator from your ticksheet, please tap or click the "X" button next to that legislator's name. The legislator will no longer display in your ticksheet. Please note that any positions or comments associated with that legislator will not be deleted. If you add that legislator to your ticksheet in the future, all information gathered will be restored.