How do I create a channel?

You are able to create a channel in two ways.  First is by clicking the "Create New Channel" button on the Channel List Page, which brings you to the Create Channel Page, seen in the first image to the right.

On the Create Channel Page, you simply type the name of your new channel and click or tap the Create button. When you click the Create button, your new channel will be created and you will be brought to the Channel Editor page, seen in the second image.

On the channel editor page, you are able to change the name of the channel, specify whether you'd like to receive e-mail notifications for the channel, save any keywords should you want your channel to automatically track bills and change the notification frequency for the channel to either Real-Time or Daily Digest.

You are also able to create a channel directly from the Bill Options page when clicking on a bill. Please see How do I track a bill? for further information.