How do I Use's Electronic Calendars?

The site makes available to all registered users the ability to subscribe to an electronic calendar containing meeting schedules and agendas pertinent to the bills you are tracking. These calendars are intended to be added to your mobile device or desktop calendar application such as Outlook. Once added, your calendar will be automatically updated from the site's meeting list so you'll always be aware of meeting times and locations of interest to you.

The figure to the right shows the Calendar page. As a registered user, there are several versions of the meeting calendar configured specifically for your use.

The Public Calendar is a generic calendar containing all scheduled meetings of the Legislature for the current session. This is available to all users and contains no personal information.

The Personal Calendar is a calendar containing all meetings with one of your tracked bills on its agenda.

The Channel Calendars section lists a calendar created specifically for each one of your channels. These calendars only contain meeting information for bills tracked in the specific channel.

NOTE: We have made our best effort at supporting every electronic device and application. However, since different devices and applications use electronic calendars in different ways, we cannot guarantee the calendar will completely work with your device or application. We have tested successfully on iPhones, iPads, Windows Phones and Microsoft Outlook.

We have tested with Android, which uses Google Calendar as its calendar application. Unfortunately, there is an issue with Google Calendar where it does not update non-Google Calendars on your phone. Please Contact Us if you have questions or need assistance using this feature.